Obtain a work permit

If you are arriving from another European Union country, Europe’s economic zone community, or Switzerland, you will not need a permit to work in Lithuania. You will simply need to validate your status in the country by filling out the appropriate form. Non-EU citizens who are planning to work here must obtain a work permit; this must be done prior to arrival in Lithuania.

If you are not sure whether your profession or professional activities are recognized in Lithuania, check the EU’s Regulated Professions Data Base, in which each EU member state declares its regulated professions.

It essential that you find out whether you will require a permit to live in Lithuania.

A temporary residence permit grants a foreigner the right to live in Lithuania for a certain time; such permits are issued to non-EU residents. Permanent residence permits are granted to individuals intending to live permanently in Lithuania and who have confirmed their foreigner–permanent resident status; such permits are issued for five years.