From a very young age Lithuanian children are encouraged to develop the skills and mindsets needed for success in today’s business world. Our schools boast the highest level of computer literacy in Europe, and the number of students completing IT degrees grows annually.

Lithuania’s young talents give us much to be proud of – their professional abilities and qualifications are recognised around the world, and they are in great demand as employees not only at home, but with some of the leading companies in the world. During the short period of our restored independence Lithuania has become an advanced technologies development centre within Europe. Our country attracts record numbers of investment projects and continues to rise steadily in numerous ratings of global competitiveness and business conditions.

Each year more foreign companies are established in Lithuania, where they find excellent working conditions and professional employees. Of our young specialists, 84 per cent have an excellent command of English. Two thirds of Lithuania’s residents know Russian, one quarter speak German, and tens of thousands have a command of a Latin or Scandinavian language. There are companies in Lithuania that can speak to their clients in as many as 26 languages.

Increasing numbers of Lithuanians who have completed higher degrees abroad are returning to their homeland. Most of them find that Lithuania offers excellent career opportunities and very good conditions for raising families – it is a place where they can live a healthy lifestyle and spend plenty of time with family and friends.