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With New Series Clark Being Filmed in Lithuania This Country Becomes a Preferred Movie Location for Netflix

A Netflix series with a working title Clark is being filmed in Lithuania. It will be the third Netflix series made in this country in the last 1.5 years after Stranger Things (season four) and Young Wallander. Tax incentives, picturesque sceneries and strong local production teams attract international movie companies to Lithuania.

A Netflix series with a working title Clark is being filmed in Lithuania by a joint Swedish-Lithuanian team. It will be the third Netflix series made in Lithuania during the last 1,5 years after Stranger Things (season four) and Young Wallander. The location was chosen after international competition and the choice largely depended on picturesque sceneries offered by architecturally diverse Lithuanian cities and strong local production team with good mastery of technology.

“I am very proud of my team and we are all very proud to work on this project,” said Gabija Siurbytė, head of Lithuanian production company Dansu. “It is one of the most interesting projects that we have worked on and we do our best as professionals. Additionally, I have to mention our smooth cooperation with government institutions. The Ministry of Culture, Lithuanian Film Centre, Vilnius and Kaunas Film Offices  are all very helpful. We also appreciate the support of National Public Health Centre, which is very important in this difficult period of Covid-19 pandemic. The government support for film production is clearly one of the reasons why Netflix came here to work with Clark and why other similar projects are showing interest in working with us.”

Lithuanian government encourages film production using a co-creative tax-incentive scheme, which is working for more than six years and presently is extended until 2023. With this measure the government intends to provide a platform for the film industry, using which the professionalism of Lithuanian film production teams could be used to co-create global projects.  Under the tax-incentive scheme, private investors may provide the investment reaching up to 30% of production budget and this way reduce the amount of their corporate income tax. Such local private investment reduces the overall film production cost and makes the project more attractive to international movie companies. 157 filmmaking projects used this tax incentive in the period of 2014-2019 with 76 million euros spent in Lithuania by international producers.

“Using the tax incentive we have attracted filmmaking projects from the US, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK and other countries,” confirmed Irma Šimanskytė, acting director of Lithuanian Film Centre. “It was instrumental in improving the quality of the Lithuanian film production and making Lithuania an attractive filmmaking location thus strengthening our overall position as one of the Northern European centres of gravity. A number of popular international projects filmed in Lithuania with the help of Lithuanian professionals is a good measure of our success.”

A good example are two recent Netflix projects, the authors of which found in Lithuania the sceneries they were looking for. The century-old and just recently closed Lukiškės prison in Vilnius became a scenery for Stranger Things (season four) and the more modern part of the Lithuanian capital featured as Swedish city Malmö in Young Wallander.

Before that scenes of mid-twentieth century Tokyo were filmed in Lithuania for Tokyo Trials and sceneries of nineteenth century Russia recreated for Catherine the Great and The Last Czars. So far one can only imagine what face Lithuania will show in Clark.