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Welcome to Lithuania!

Lithuania, an open and globally minded country, offers cooperation and growth. Jointly, it is looking for exciting challenges in financial technology, cyber security, and life sciences. Thanks to favourable conditions, Lithuania is attracting more and more investments every year, while a fast-growing startup ecosystem, cultural partnerships, and government initiatives in public sector transformation demonstrate perfect conditions for cooperation.

Since restoration of its independence, Lithuania has demonstrated that it is a reliable, open, and enterprising country. Hunger for change has meant rapid decisions; hence, Lithuania has joined the EU, NATO, and the OECD. Lithuania is active in international politics, defending and supporting other nations in their fight for freedom and fundamental values.  Today, the country is in a position to share, inspire, and empower.

Innovative approaches, smart governance, an open culture, and a work-life balance create ideal conditions for Lithuania to contribute to global processes and generate major solutions that change people’s lives not just locally but all over the world.

Openness, cooperation, and drive are in the Lithuanian genes. As early as in the 14th century, Lithuania realised it could achieve more by working jointly with the world. In his letters written in 1323, Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas wrote: ‘we open our land, our dominions, and our kingdom to every person of goodwill.’ He invited knights, henchmen, merchants, and artisans to Vilnius to live and work, promising them land and favourable conditions. The Grand Duke wished this message to spread far and wide throughout the world. Openness, initiative, and a spirit of cooperation mark the Lithuanian character, refined and strengthened over the centuries. These qualities have helped Lithuanians find ways forward at difficult periods in history. Thanks to them, today Lithuania belongs to the European family of nations.