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Vilnius Night Alliance suggests hospitality bubbles for safer reopening of bars and restaurants

Last summer Lithuania and other Baltic countries created Europe’s first pandemic ‘travel bubble’, today Vilnius Night Alliance suggests yet another creative idea – “pubbles”.

What are “pubbles”?

Many countries are already familiar with the social bubbles concept, where the lockdown rules are loosened to allow you to select a small group of friends and socialise only with them, not circulating among a wider group of people or seeking out new acquaintances. Social bubbles reduces the number of contacts between people and therefore helps to contain the spread of the virus.

Vilnius Night Alliance, proposes to adapt the idea of social bubbles in bars and restaurants, creating rules for safe hospitality bubbles – “pubbles”.

According to Vilnius Night Alliance, ‘It’s clear that the psychological damage of the lockdown is increasing by the day, and unlawful gatherings are increasing in number. There is an urgent need for safe environments in which we can meet friends legally and with safety precautions.’

What are the rules of “pubbles”?

In a public statement, Vilnius Night Alliance suggests these rules for safe socialisation:

  1. Pubbles are groups of up to five friends who agree not to socialise with people outside their group.
  2. Pubbles should stay together and swap members as rarely as possible.
  3. Pubble members can share a table in a hospitality venue.
  4. Pubbles cannot invite other people to their table or split up and sit at other tables.
  5. Pubbles should go to only one bar per night, not crawl around the city visiting other bars.

‘Obviously, we are not saying every country should start doing this now. This system should only be introduced when the situation is safe enough and the risk of starting another wave is low. This system should also go hand-in-hand with other safety precautions such as distances between tables, limited capacity of venues and mask-wearing while not seated,‘ creators of „pubbles“ idea add in the statement.