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The quarantine period extended until April 13

The Government of the Republic of Lithuania has decided to extend the quarantine period until April 13, taking into account the changing situation and the recommendations of epidemiologists. Masks for mouth and nose protection recommended in public areas, as wells as new rules for visiting parks, open spaces and shopping places specified.

“Today’s decisions are necessary. We cannot relax because the virus already costs our lives. We must all, without exception, obey the rules, we must all be responsible and take care of each other. That is our only way and opportunity,” said Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis.

Residents are advised to wear face masks, respirators, or other nose and mouth protection in public places except when driving a motor vehicle.

Parks and other open public areas can be visited in groups of no more than 2 persons (with exceptions for members of the same family members), safe contact must be maintained (distance of at least 2 meters and no more than 15 minutes) and hygiene requirements followed.

Shopping is recommended only by one member of a family and the shopping places are obliged to supply means of safe sanitation, hygiene and other necessary equipment for staff and customers, according to the requirements set by the Head of State-level Emergency Operations.

“People need to be conscious and take care not only of themselves, but also of their loved ones. Quarantine requirements are being tightened to control the spread of coronavirus and to ensure safety of the people. More and more people are returning from abroad, and inevitably additional measures are needed,” said Rita Tamašunienė, Minister of Interior.

Clarification for crossing international state border procedures and the arrivals of foreign nationals during the quarantine period has also been made. After March 26 transit of groups of people and vehicles returning to their home country via Lithuania with obligatory escort (convoy) without unnecessary stopping, will continue from the point of entry to the Republic of Lithuania until international border crossing points reached.

State border crossing points of Kalvarija–Budziskas, Saločiai–Grenstalė, Būtingė–Rucava, Smėlynė–Medumi, Medininkai–Kamenyj Log, Raigardas–Privalka, Kybartai–Černyševskoje, Panemunė–Sovetskas, Šalčininkai–Benekainys, Lazdijai–Aradninkai will be open for vehicles.

Vilnius railway station, Stasylos-Benekainys, Kena-Gudagojis, Šeštokai-Trakiškė railway crossing points will be open. State border crossing for commercial and (or) international freight transportation will additionally be carried out through the international border crossing points of Stasylos-Benekainiai, Pagėgiai-Sovetsk, Joniškis-Meitenė, Turmantas-Kurcums, Kybartai-Nesterov.

The border checkpoints of Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga and Šiauliai international airports, as well as the border checkpoints of the seaports – Pilies, Malku bay, Butinge oil terminal and Molo state border checkpoint will be open.

During the quarantine period, the entry of foreign nationals into the country will be prohibited, except when the Government resolution is made on the basis of a proposal by a Minister of a respective Ministry.