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Lithuania is testing new way to innovate public sector – co-creating solutions together with startups

Technology has enabled startups to disrupt major industries and sectors across the economy, however one major sector is often overlooked – the government. For this reason, GovTech Lab was created in Lithuania. The team works in the public sector and serves as a connector between government challenges and startups or other innovative companies.

This is a novel approach to the traditional procurement process, allowing public sector to experiment, to pilot new technologies and at the same time – to diversify a usually small number of tech suppliers.

GovTech Challenge Series 3.0

GovTech Lab Lithuania has just launched a cohort of “GovTech Challenge Series 3.0” and is looking for startups or innovative teams to solve various global challenges locally. The challenges vary from the search for a solution to anonymise personal data in medical images, to the search for an innovative way of detecting illegal employment using online sources.

An example of effective co-creation – “Trafi”

While startups are taking over Lithuania’s government, Lithuanian GovTech startup “Trafi” is taking over the world. The mobility-as-a-service platform, already operating in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Indonesia, Turkey, and Baltic countries, has recently brought their business to Bogota, Colombia, marking the start of expansion in Latin America.  Moreover, the CEO and co-founder of “Trafi” Martynas Gudonavičius has also mentioned a planned expansion to one of the cities in Japan in the second half of 2021.