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Lithuania is open to partnerships and innovative solutions that empower change on a national level

After regaining independence, Lithuania had to create its public sector anew. We needed to do more than other countries in a short time, so we set to work with energy, creativity and desire to continually improve. We learned from the best, and today we’re already sharing our own experience with others. We are proud of the flexible institutions Lithuania has built, which are able to respond quickly to the challenges of the times, and of the country’s active innovation and science community and growing investments. Business, of course, achieves most when it is not hindered, so at the state level our aim is to help, support and empower.

We do not fear playing an active part in international decision-making. Lithuania’s unique geographical position – the West’s eastern border – and its strong values give us an important role in the region. We are a beacon of freedom and democracy for the countries of the EU’s Eastern Partnership.

@A. Aleksandravičius