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A set of virtual maps has been developed to analyze various statistics related to the COVID-19 virus

Statistics Department of Lithuania has developed a set of virtual maps that allow to analyze data related to the COVID-19 virus.

The set contains 5 virtual tools. Different data can be analyzed on the maps of the whole country or separate municipalities:

1. The first map presents the demographic and social statistics of COVID-19 spread in Lithuania: density of population, number of older people in municipalities, number of people with chronic diseases. 26,9 percent of the population in Lithuania is 60 years and older.

2. The second map can analyze the situation of municipal infrastructure: the number of medical staff, beds in hospitals, etc.

3. The third map presents a picture of the enterprises that will be directly affected by the quarantine: the number of companies and their affiliates may have been shut down or forced to change the nature of their work, and the number of employees employed by such entities.

Most of the affected work in education – more than 137 thousand individuals.

There is a link to the list of companies affected in this section.

4. The map of our partners from Vilnius City Municipality with up-to-date information on density of population and other key aspects of the City of Vilnius: the number of quarantine sites, people affected etc.

5. The map presents the data on affected, recovered and tested

All maps are being updated regularly.