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9 new members joined LT startup association

9 fast growing startups joined Lithuanian startup association Unicorns LT: Whatagraph, Trafi, ConnectPay, Eskimi, CGTrader, SearchNode, CarVertical, CoinGate & Ondato. With the mission to increase the ecosystem integrity, Unicorns LT will garner and share the experience of its members with the newcomers to the startup community, helping them grow at a faster pace.

“Over the decade Lithuanian startup market has matured and gained a lot of experience generating new business models, growing globally, attracting capital and accelerating new talent. Our mission now is to make all this knowledge available to young, active entrepreneurs, as well as to show the benefits of our community for the entire Lithuanian economy”, – says association CEO Inga Langaitė.

We have reached the new stage of maturity of the sector – Lithuanian startups have already attracted 300 mil EUR of investments in the first half of the year – 6x more than in 2020. The average investment size is increasing too: the median investment in the country reached 0.5 mil. This shows the growing investor confidence in young #tech businesses.

“It is an honor to be a part of this organization, which is actively assisting others in achieving success and securing positions in the online marketing industry! Whatagraph will start sharing an accumulated experience and knowledge with the community” says Whatagraph CEO Justas Malinauskas.

Trafi was another prominent startup joining Unicorns LT. Trafi is the world’s leading mobility-as-a-service technology company. “We build connected mobility solutions that help people, cities and companies move towards a more balanced and sustainable future. We want to encourage the global shift to shared mobility systems that are managed by cites, enhanced by companies and used by people everywhere, including future generations to come” says Trafi CEO Martynas Gudonavičius.

“AI search solution for eCommerce finally done right, used by 100+ top European online businesses to deliver relevant search experiences” says Antanas Baksys, SearchNode CEO.

“At CGTrader, we’re driven by the mission to make 3D content accessible to everyone. More than 370,000 customers globally, including Fortune 500 companies like Google, Microsoft and Shopify, trust CGTrader to source, create and manage three-dimensional content. We’re excited to join Unicorns LT on the quest to take the Lithuanian startup ecosystem to another dimension,” said Dalia Lasaite, CEO and Co-founder of CGTrader.

“At ConnectPay we are all about making banking EASY. In three years family of #EasyBankers has managed to become #3 out of 74 Lithuania based EMIs by the customer funds held in the account and by the volume of the last 12 months operations” says ConnectPay Head of Marketing Viltė Sabalienė.

“We are a Lithuanian-born, globally operating startup, successfully providing car history reporting services in 25 countries worldwide with a single main aim: to bring full transparency to the global automotive industry” – says CarVertical CEO Rokas Medonis.

“We are your ultimate platform and service combo to guide you through the world of digital advertising”, – says Monika Poškutė, Eskimi Head of Marketing.

“A wise bunch of fintech-savvies growing to a company of 170 in a mere few years, Ondato is now a flagship provider of ace Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and identity verification solutions – to help our customers focus on business growth while we take care of compliance” says Vytautas Urbonas, Ondato CMO.

“For almost a decade, we help regular people and businesses like, use and live with cryptocurrency by bridging the technological gap between the masses and decentralized economy through innovation and education” says CoinGate CMO Matas Kibildis.

Association Unicorns LT was founded by 7 largest Lithuanian former startup companies Vinted, Hostinger, Bored Panda, Omnisend, Kilo.Health, Tesonet, Tech Zity. Some of these companies have reached a unicorns status. The mission of the organisation is to accelerate LT startup market, build stronger community based of knowledge sharing and empower local entrepreneurs to grow faster and more efficiently.

In the spring of 2021 m. Lithuania had 708 active startups with 10.500 people working in the sector.