Nature everywhere

Lithuania is a great place to be and to grow with its faster career possibilities and slower pace of life.

Whether you’re downtown or out-of-town, here you’re always surrounded by greenery. Nature – raw nature –is Lithuania’s most prized national possession and a dominant feature of the country’s life.

Nature – even in the city: Vilnius is often called ‘a city in a forest’. Of the 397,000 square kilometres occupied by the Lithuanian capital, only one-fifth is developed. The rest is green areas and water. That makes Vilnius one of the greenest capital cities in Europe. The country’s other cities, also rich in parks, bodies of water and green oases, are not far behind.

Making a splash: With over 6,000 lakes dotted across Lithuania, you’re never far from a body of water to dive into for some after-work relaxation. No wonder Lithuanian cities empty out on weekends as people go to recharge in nature.

Clean environment: Forests cover 33.5 percent of the territory of Lithuania, giving the whole country the feel of a large resort or spa centre. In fact, there are numerous actual health resorts here – in Birštonas, Druskininkai, Palanga and Anykščiai. Tap water here too is among the cleanest in Europe and is perfectly drinkable, coming as it does from pristine underground sources. And the air quality in Vilnius gets the best scores in Central-Eastern Europe.

@A. Aleksandravičius