Area: 65 300 km²

2.8 mln people live in Lithuania.

Vilnius is home to 600 000 people.

Forests cover 1/3 of the country.

6 000 lakes

A Northern European country on the Baltic Sea.

We work closely with the other countries of Northern Europe on an institutional, business and personal level. The values of freedom and democracy are important to us and we support them in other countries as well.

Lithuania is the largest Baltic country, bordering Latvia to the north, Belarus to the east, Poland to the south and Russia’s Kaliningrad enclave to the south-west. We have 90 km of coastline on the Baltic Sea, on the other side of which are the countries of Scandinavia.

Vilnius the capital is always at the forefront for innovation, smartness and creativity.

Exceptional attention to incoming talent and open data initiatives ensure leadership for smart solutions. Vilnius is also one of the cleanest, greenest cities in Europe, with green spaces covering 46 percent of its territory. Vilnius attracts those who seek a balance of life and work, of nature and urbanisation. Maybe that’s why people in Vilnius are among the happiest with their quality of life among European capitals.

Nature in Lithuania is always right beside you.

Whether you’re in a city centre or outside the city limits, there’s green everywhere. Nature is wealth to us, a value we all agree on. Maybe that’s why the colour green is so dear to Lithuanians. You can enjoy forests and parks right in Vilnius, the capital. And other cities too – which is why Lithuania, with its abundance of wellness offerings, is often compared to a resort. Having nature right beside you makes it extremely easy to switch from work to relaxation.

Four different seasons allow you to enjoy all the pleasures of nature.

The variety of seasons and weather ensures life is never boring in Lithuania. You can experience all four seasons here: in winter, fun in the snow, and in warmer months, active leisure time in nature, by the sea or the many lakes and rivers.

Lithuania’s climate is pleasant too. (We don’t have earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, volcanoes, mudslides, heat waves, avalanches or other natural disasters…)

@A. Aleksandravičius