Find work

There are several websites that post job openings in various sectors. “Work in Lithuania” lists job offers in international companies, along with short descriptions of these employers, staff numbers and date of establishment in the country. You can also visit the Employment Bureau website or any one of its branches. Here you can access free information, ask questions and receive advice. When looking for work in Lithuania, be sure also to use EURES – the European Job Mobility Portal – or find another employment agency that can act as an intermediary with employers. It is important to know that in Europe, and in Lithuania from 2010, agencies are prohibited from charging people either direct or indirect fees in exchange for helping them find positions. This regulation makes job hunting easier and creates equal conditions for all.

Before signing an employment contract, become acquainted with the labour code of the country in which you will be working. This law defines work relations conditions and relations, holidays, salaries and other important matters.