Business Conditions

A safe business environment

Lithuania’s business tax advantages will ease your first steps. With one of the four lowest levels of taxation in the European Union, Lithuania offers stability for growth and incentives for creating new jobs.

Special economic zones

There are seven free economic zones in Lithuania. Each of them offers businesses zero per cent tax on profit, dividends and real estate transactions for the first six years, as well as advanced infrastructure and a wide spectrum of services.

The free economic zones in Kaunas and Klaipėda offer the further advantage of the use of air and sea routes.

Low taxation related to scientific research

Foreign investors who invest in scientific research in Lithuania receive the Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax advantage, according to which expenditures can be deducted from profits three times.

A legal system that meets the needs of tomorrow

Starting a business in Lithuania is easy. A company can be established in just three days, and registering a company by electronic signature is so fast that your business can be functioning as soon as you step off the plane.