Relaxed living

Lithuania is a great place to be and to grow with its faster career possibilities and slower pace of life.

Lithuania offers affordable living, shorter commutes and fewer barriers to high quality of life. The country is rated #6 for work-life balance in the OECD, and the people of the capital Vilnius consistently rank among the happiest in Europe.

Compactness is an advantage – distances here are short, making spontaneity a quite common Lithuanian trait. In one day in this country, you can experience more than in other places: land at Vilnius Airport in the morning, have a cup of coffee in the Vilnius Old Town, and arrive at the seaside in time for afternoon tea.

Short distances, wide-ranging services, entertainment and culture, and easy mobility lend Lithuania the feel of a country that is not in a hurry but never stops.

Everything within easy reach: The short distances within and between cities and modern modes of transport allow everyone in Lithuania to get where they’re going conveniently. The average commute to work is just 30 minutes, and the seaside is only three hours away from the capital.

Active recreation: There’s been an outdoor revolution in Lithuania over the past decade. It can be seen in hiking trails and cycling paths, a passion for running, and a variety of more extreme sports. No matter where you are, you’re less than half an hour from a lake, and a green oasis is often just metres away. Name a sport, and you’ll find the places and people to enjoy it with in Lithuania.

Work leaves time for life: Lithuania ranks #6 for work-life balance among all OECD countries. Just as an example, here a four-day workweek is nothing unheard of. Even a heating utility owned by the city of Vilnius works four days a week.

Focus on what matters: Education, healthcare, sports and leisure are available to all in Lithuania. And with parental leave that’s among the most generous in Europe (up to 3 years) and lots of non-formal education offered, you can rest assured about your family’s well-being.

Safe to live and visit: Aside from low crime, the Institute for Economics and Peace assesses Lithuania as one of the countries of the world where the index of terrorism is close to nil.

@A. Aleksandravičius