Places to Visit

Visit the sites commemorating the Baltic Way

Stretching all the way up to Herman Tower in Tallinn, the Baltic Way started, 30 years ago, in Vilnius Cathedral Square, at the foot of Gediminas Castle, which now houses an exposition on the Baltic Way, featuring the map of the Baltic Way, photos, and a documentary.

When in the Cathedral Square, look for a paving tile for the Baltic Way, created by artist Gitenis Umbrasas. The tile bears the footprints of an unknown participant of the Baltic Way and it covers the buried commemoration capsule containing the text for future generations.

Another site of relevance is the monument Road of Freedom, standing at the intersection of Konstitucijos Avenue and Geležinio Vilko Street in Vilnius. It serves the memory of the fight for independence and a symbol of freedom and unity for future generations. The Road of Freedom symbolises the live human chain that ran solid across the Baltic States towards freedom 30 years ago (sculptor Tadas Gutauskas, the author of the idea).

Five commemorative signs of the Baltic Way and information stands can be found in lay-bys on the highway Vilnius-Panevėžys (left side at 32.1 km and 80.1 km; 38.5 km; right side at 55.6 km and 99.9 km). The road Panevėžys-Pasvalys-Riga heading towards the Lithuanian-Latvian border has another four Baltic Way information stands (left side at 19.5 km and 62.9 km; right side at 27.8 km and 47.5 km).

Photo: Go Vilnius